Términos Generales y Condiciones


This english version is a translation of the original document, only for your information.

These General Terms and Conditions of Service (hereinafter referred to as "the General Terms and Conditions") include the InternetPrint Kft. As a Service Provider (hereinafter referred to as "the Service Provider") and the Customer and the Customer providing printing and e-commerce services provided by the Service Provider "And" You "). (Service Provider and Customer hereinafter jointly referred to as "Parties").

By using the services (including visiting the Website) you agree to these Terms and Conditions. Please only use our services if you agree with all your points and consider it binding.

This document will not be filed, it will only be concluded in electronic form (not a written contract), written in Hungarian, does not refer to a code of conduct.

This GTC is continuously available and downloadable from the following site:

1. Service Provider data

Name: InternetPrint Kft.
Headquarters: 1053 Budapest V., Veres Pálné utca 9. 1. em. 2.
Location: 1107 Budapest X., Jegenye utca 6.
Email address: [email protected]
Phone: +36 1 786-5674
Electronic submission form: https://es.internetprint.eu/contact/
Company registration number: 0109956205
Tax number: 23168660-2-41
Registering authority: Metropolitan Court of Registration
Privacy Registration Number: NAIH-78845/2014
Language of the contract: Hungarian
Details of the hosting provider: Host Europe GmbH, Welserstraße 14. 51149 Köln, [email protected]

2. Basic Provisions

2.1. Issues not covered by this Code and the interpretation of these Rules shall be governed by Hungarian law, in particular with the provisions of the Civil Code of 2013 ("Act") and the Electronic Commerce Services and Information Society Services Act CVIII. ("Ek. tv") and the detailed rules for contracts between consumer and business 45/2014. (II.26.) Government Decree. The mandatory provisions of the relevant legislation shall apply to the parties without any specific clauses.

2.2. The scope of the General Terms and Conditions shall extend to any legal relationship established by any Service Provider (hereinafter referred to as "the Website"). The GCTC does not extend to any other web site accessible through a link to or from any third party web site operated through a link. In addition, the present GTC covers all commercial transactions between the Parties specified in this Agreement. It shall remain in force as of the date of publication of this Policy and shall remain in effect until revocation. The Service Provider is entitled to modify the Rule unilaterally. The Service Provider publishes the changes on the Website. The Parties agree that the version in force at the time of signing up to these Rules will automatically apply to them.

2.3. Full-text, image-capable content, including content selection and systematization, as well as technical solutions, editors, search engines and bidding software parts available on the Website, in particular by highlighting templates, samples and product mockup on the Website, the Service Provider and some in the case of content, is the intellectual property of the right-holders and is protected by copyright. Any use of any part of the content on this site without the written and prior permission of the Service Provider, the download, storage, processing (in particular, but not limited to, the sale) of the content on the Website or any part thereof, will have legal consequences. The Service Provider or the appropriate rightholder may demand the termination of the infringement, compensation for damages or the application of appropriate penalties.

2.4. The Service Provider's liability is limited to the value of the order, service or other commercial transaction. The Service Provider excludes the reimbursement of damage and any indirect damage (such as negligent order, transaction, bid) from the lack of availability, delays in delivery or incorrectly recorded data in addition to the value of the transaction. The Service Provider is not liable for any damages caused by the connection to the Website. The Customer is responsible for protecting your computer, mobile device, and the data contained therein.

3. Privacy Policy

3.1. Personal Data provided to the Service Provider shall only be treated in accordance with current legislation for commercial relations within the framework of this Code, in particular with respect to the CXII. of the Act on the Law of the Sea (Ek.)

3.2. The Customer's reporting is voluntary on the basis of the principle of contractual freedom to contract. The Customer agrees that the Service Provider shall treat and adequately manage the Client's identification in order to establish the Contract, to monitor the performance of the Contract, to bill the charges arising therefrom and to enforce the related claims. The Customer may grant a Contribution on the Website to receive newsletters electronically or in any other written form from the Service Provider, but the Client may at any time be entitled to make a declaration in part or in whole, which is contrary to this explicit consent, unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.

3.2. The Customer agrees that the Service Provider will provide the advertisement on its website as a reference and on its advertising materials, in anonymized form, without personal data, on the printed form and on our services ("Our Clients have written"). The Client may, at the time of order, prohibit the written publication of any completed form or opinion. Customer may authorize in writing for full reference to its full name, company name and contact details (eg web page title) for reference purposes.

3.3. Detailed rules for the data management of the Service Provider are contained in the Data Protection Prospectus. The Privacy Statement is continually available and can be downloaded from the following page:

3.4. Service Provider Data Protection Registration Number: NAIH-78845/2014

4. Purchasable Products and Services

4.1. Products and services displayed on the Website are only available online through the Website. No personal, on-site ordering is possible. You can apply for a special offer at the website via the contact form. Prices displayed on the Website are in the Customer's default currency (default in Hungarian Forint), they include the statutory VAT, but do not include the possible home delivery fee. (In case of personal receipt there is no delivery and packing cost.) The Service Provider reserves the right to calculate a specific price and home delivery fee depending on the country, currency, product or service parameters set by Customer. The total price of the products placed in the basket and the total delivery charge is aggregated by the Website before sending the order, which the Customer accepts at the time of placing the order as an offer. A separate packing cost is not charged, it is included in the shipping fee.

4.2. On the Website Service Provider details the product's name, description, parameters, and preview of the products. Pictures that are previewed may differ from reality, as an illustration. We are not responsible for the differences between the image displayed on the website and the actual appearance of the product. The colors and dimensions in the preview image of your product depend on your monitor or mobile device (we do not know) settings, so they do not exactly match the colors and sizes that are printed.

4.3. When a promotional price is introduced, the Service Provider fully informs the Clients of the action and its exact duration.

5. The process of ordering

5.1. By visiting the Website, you can start shopping without signing up. You do not need to sign up for the purchase at the time of placing the order (if no order has been made with the email address provided in the basket) automatically.

5.2. On the Website, you can find a description of the general parameters and properties of a product by going to a sub page of any product. On this page, click on the "Start" button or by clicking on the "Edit" button in one of the product modes (for example, selecting a desktop calendar on a photo calendar page).

5.3. In the product editor, the product parameters (for example, for a business card with a one-sided or two-sided calendar or calendars with a calendar for a photo calendar) and the number of pieces, calculate the Website's unique price. This price always includes VAT but does not include shipping costs.

5.4. In the product editor, you can choose the template for your product appearance. You can specify the text information on the product. You can upload images on a photo product. The editor updates the preview image of the product after each change. Please always check the appearance and content of each page of the product. The editor draws attention to the low resolution of possible images, but does not control the quality of the images (sharpness, colors, content). You will not be verified and repaired by the appearance and content defects of the texts on your product (for example, in the background, too long, missing or incorrect). The product will be manufactured in accordance with the preview image and will not be subject to human control and its contents. The colors and sizes on the product preview depend on your monitor or mobile device (we do not know) settings, so they are not exactly the colors and sizes that are printed.

5.5. If all the parameters, content and image of the product correspond to you, pressing the "Buy Now" button will bring the selected product into the basket. You can access the basket content at any time by clicking on the Shopping Cart menu in the Web site menu.

5.6. In the Basket you will find a list of the products (properties, prices) of the products that have been edited so far, as well as the calculated shipping cost separately. as well as the total price of the individual products included in the basket so far, together with the individually calculated shipping fee. The price includes VAT and there is no additional packing cost. ("Total") You can delete any product by clicking the "x" button next to the product from the list. Clicking on the "Modify" link under the product name will re-enter the product editor to modify any product parameters. Completing the change will be saved in the basket by clicking the "Modify" button and clicking "Cancel" will return to the original status of the basket.

5.6. Before ordering all the products in your basket, you will need to fill out the details required to complete the order. Payment methods only include payment methods that are available in the selected country and language. The "i" (Info) icon of the payment method displays the information for that form of payment (please read it carefully). The payment method also includes the deadline for completion. By clicking the radio button on the payment method, the delivery price and total price ("Total") in the basket are updated and a list of the fields to be filled in to the order is updated (For example, a delivery address is not required for personal receipt.) By default, You are the most available payment method available in your country. Possible payment methods are as follows (not available in all countries):

5.6.1 Cash On Delivery (COD)

5.6.2 Personal receipt, payment by cash or credit card

5.6.3 Wire transfer

5.6.4 PayPal

5.6.5 Credit card (Skrill)

5.7. Depending on your payment method, you will need to fill out the details required to complete your order before ordering. Filling out the fields will be checked by clicking on the "Send Order" button or by clicking on another field and displaying an error message for incorrect data fields. In this case, after filling in the data field, click on the "Submit Order" button again.

5.8. If all products, prices, and data are carefully checked (especially the email address, which is the primary way of contacting you), you can send the order by clicking on the "Send Order" button. Within a few minutes we'll send you a confirmation email. Each separate order of the order (ordered for all products ordered simultaneously for each product) receives an order number that is # 1234-123-123. If the confirmation email does not arrive within a few minutes, please first locate your correspondent's "spam", "spam" folder, and put it back in for incoming mail. If you do not find the confirmation email, please contact us at any of our contacts (such as our contact form) to confirm your order.

5.9. If you have chosen a transfer form, please transfer the full purchase price of the order to the bank account you entered in the confirmation email. It is important to include the order number in the communication (1234-123-123 format). If there are more items in the order, you can enter any order number in the notice.

5.10. If you chose a payment method that has an online bank card payment (Bank Card / Skrill or PayPal), we will automatically be directed to the payment area after ordering. To pay for your credit card, enter the bank card details on your payment surface or enter your PayPal account. After the successful payment, the payment interface will redirect you to our site. You will receive a confirmation email from the payment platform (that is, PayPal or Skrill) on your successful payment. In general, your bank notifies you of a payment transaction in SMS.

5.11. If you fail to receive a payment, you can access your list of orders by clicking the "Follow my orders and order back" button in the confirmation letter to start the payment process again.

6. Processing and execution of orders

6.1. Orders are processed in the opening hours indicated on the website. The scheduled workflow of the printing process does not allow the submitted orders to be delivered immediately, out of order and delivered or delivered. The overall deadline for the delivery is the deadline specified in the form of payment, which is the confirmation email, which is the date of the confirmation. The deadline for completion for each individual bid is the receipt of all required printing material, if it is later than the Provider's confirmation. The Service Provider may deviate from this deadline in a unique bid, but can not be required by earlier deadlines.

6.2. The Service Provider will notify you by email of personal payment receipt payment orders. Orders can be accepted after the notice at our site (Budapest X., Jegenye utca 6) at the opening hours indicated on the website. There is no credit card payment on the premises.

6.3. The Service Provider will notify you when the orders are delivered by e-mail when delivering the package to the shipping company. The shipping company depends on the country of the customer, the payment method chosen and the weight of the package. All information about shipping and packet tracking (bill number, estimated arrival time) is included in the notification email.

7. The Right of Waiver

7.1. Ptk. 6:64. § "Anyone who expressly expresses a intention to conclude a contract and issues a legal declaration covering essential matters shall remain bound by his / her statement." Exclusion of tender constraint is not possible. The Customer who makes a purchase bid (orders an order) will not be able to cancel the order later.

7.2. Cancellation: Customer can cancel the order until the order has been made. After the order is delivered, the production can be started immediately, without any human interaction. Customer can not cancel the order even if it has provided defective or incorrect data or images on the product, as production can be started without any human interference (and the data, images, and human controls). You may indicate your intention to cancel or modify data within 1 hour after your order to the Service Provider by email, telephone or electronic sign-up. The Resignation or Data Modification Signature will be taken into account by the Service Provider, if the production has not yet taken place.

7.3. Exception of the right of withdrawal and termination: A 45/2014. (II.26.) Korm. According to the Act on Distant Contracts, the Buyer can withdraw from his intention to purchase within 14 working days without reason, but this does not apply to Customized Products at Customer's request. Quote from the Decree: 14. Section 29 "(1) A consumer shall not exercise his right under Section 20 ... (c) in the case of non-prefabricated products produced at the consumer's request or express request or in the case of a product , which is clearly defined for the consumer; "

8. Warranty

8.1. In the case of a contract for the provision of a printing service, the Service Provider fails to perform if and if its service does not qualify as quantified or qualitatively in the order (in the purchase offer).

8.2. Upon receipt, the Customer is obliged to notify the Supplier of the quantity and quality of the contracted product and its objections within 5 days. If no qualitative or quantitative claim is filed within the 5 day period after receipt, it shall be deemed to have been accepted by the Customer as a contractual delivery of the Product delivered to the Customer by the Service Provider, and shall be obliged to pay the bill of performance regardless of any subsequent complaint from the Customer.

8.3 Excise quantity: In the case of copies less than the number ordered and confirmed, at the Customer's choice, the Service Provider will deliver the unsold copies and deliver it to the Customer without delivery cost (the deadline for delivery is equal to the original execution time and counts) proportional pricing of the product, in which case the price difference will be transferred by the Service Provider within 8 days to the bank account number specified by the Customer.

8.4. A lost packet is considered to be a quantitative objection and should be handled accordingly if the shipping company acknowledges that the packet has not arrived at the delivery address. If the delivery did not arrive at the address (for example, but not limited to, faulty addressing or Customer has not received the package), it can not be considered a quantifiable objection. In this case, at the Customer's request, the returned package will be resubmitted after the expiration of another delivery cost. If Customer refuses to do so, the Service Provider will further consider this as a breach of contract by the Customer and handle it accordingly.

8.5. Quality objection: During the production process, the Service Provider monitors products continuously and from a qualitative point of view, however, there may be products which are improperly manufactured, handed over or shipped during printing (printing, cutting, binding, other printing operations). If this is indicated by the client as a quality excuse (and the error does not fall under section 8.6), it can be considered as a printing error. In this case, the Service Provider will either deliver the Product back to the Customer at the Customer's choice or re-produce the product without delivery cost (the deadline for delivery is equal to the original delivery time and is subject to objection) or to request refund of the product price, in which case the total price transfer to Customer's bank account number within one day.

8.6. The following can not be considered as a reasonable excuse (not considered a printing error) for which the Service Provider is not responsible for (in any case, the Client is required to check the image of the product to be produced in the preview image prior to the order or in the form of a custom design):

8.6.1. Customer-defined thumbnails or accepted visuals, spelling errors, translation errors, missing data, missing individual texts (such as missing image episodes or missed custom holidays)

8.6.2. Customer's poor quality (for example, but not limited to, low resolution, noisy, blurry, color defect), incorrect, inappropriate or missing image.

8.6.3. The color difference between the preview image, the accepted visual design and the printing product, unless the Customer has provided a proof of proof to the Service Provider on the same paper as the final product.

8.6.4. The Service Provider shall not be liable for the contents of the material prepared by the Service Provider (spelling, spelling, graphic error) and the quality thereof.

8.7. The Service Provider submits a warranty for six months for non-compliant products (printing products). The Service Provider provides detailed information on the specific terms of the latter at User's request.

8.8. The Service Provider shall not be liable for warranties or warranties of any kind resulting from natural wear and tear, and for damages resulting from improper or negligent handling, excessive wear or damage resulting from the transfer of the risk of injury, or other improper use or other unintended use of the Products.

9. Complaint handling

9.1. Our goal is to fulfill all orders in impeccable quality, with the maximum satisfaction of our customers, keeping in mind that we consider our Client as our returning partner in the long term. However, if your client has any complaints about completing the order, sending or customer service, communicating with customer service, you can indicate it on the following contacts:
Electronic submission form: /es/contact/
E-mail address: [email protected]
Phone: +36 1 898-1954

9.2. The Service Provider will immediately examine and, if necessary, remedy the oral complaint. If the Customer disagrees with the handling of the complaint, the Service Provider shall immediately record the complaint and its position and send a copy thereof to the purchaser. If the complaint can not be immediately investigated, the Service Provider shall take a record of the complaint and hand it a copy of the complaint to the Client.

9.3. The Service Provider shall respond in writing to the written complaint within 30 days. The reason for rejecting the complaint is justified. The copy of the response will be retained for 3 years and will be presented to the control authorities at their request.

10. Other provisions

10.1. If any part of this Policy is invalid, unenforceable, or enforceable, it does not affect the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining parts.

10.2. If the Service Provider does not exercise his right under the Rules, failure to exercise his right shall not be considered a waiver of that right. Any waiver of the right applies only in the case of an express written declaration. The fact that the Service Provider does not strictly adhere to a substantive condition of the Code or stipulates it does not mean that it will waive its subsequent adherence to strict adherence to that condition or clause.

10.3. In the case of disputes that can not be settled on a peaceful basis arising out of this Treaty, the Parties shall subject themselves to the Hungarian legal system and shall have the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court in Budapest.

Act V of 2013 (Ptk.): http://net.jogtar.hu/jr/gen/hjegy_doc.cgi?docid=A1300005.TV
CVIII. Act (Ek tv.): http://net.jogtar.hu/jr/gen/jegy_doc.cgi?docid=A0100108.TV
45/2014. (II.26.) Government Decree: http://net.jogtar.hu/jr/gen/hjegy_doc.cgi?docid=A1400045.KOR